Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling


Geotechnical DrillingGeotechnical drilling is a method of drilling that is typically used on a site that a structure or road is going to be built to determine soil stability by taking soil and/or rock samples. Various drilling techniques include auger, mud rotary and rock coring, and CPT.


Independent Drilling, Inc. has provided many clients with geotechnical borings throughout Florida and the southeastern United States. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest engineering firms in the area and have been conducting geotechnical site investigations since 1999.


We employ a wide range of drilling and soil sampling programs to provide data for engineering and design. This data can be used to determine the type and use of preventative measures to mitigate possible settlement, soil movement, or the presence of groundwater that may adversely impact existing or proposed structures. Our highly trained staff can provide you with the technical support to accurately interpret the data we provide and assist you in the design of your site investigation program.


We also strive to make our clients’ job easier by providing site clearing of wooded areas, boring lay out, write boring logs, jar samples and deliver or ship samples to our clients office.
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