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Independent Drilling, Inc. is one of the largest independently owned geotechnical and environmental drilling companies in the southeastern United States. We are a woman owned minority business and pride ourselves with an excellent management team with over 60 years of combined experience. Our management team consists of: Kimberly Koons, President; William Koons, Vice President; Jonathan Wilkerson, Vice President Drilling Operations and C. W. Price, Field Safety Supervisor. We currently have 13 drill crews, one mechanic and one welder/fabricator.


Since 1999 we have drilled thousands of geotechnical and environmental projects throughout the state of Florida, the southeastern United States and the Gulf Coast region. Independent Drilling, Inc. has been actively involved in all phases of the geotechnical and environmental drilling markets and has designed and built our own track mounted rigs which have been very successful in residential sinkhole investigation because of their ability to get extremely close to structures, go through gate openings and have minimal evasion to yards.

Our drill crews are well trained, motivated and take pride in their work. The goal of Independent Drilling, Inc. is to make your job easier and save you time and money by providing the best equipment and having the most skilled and knowledgeable personnel.


Our capabilities include but are not limited to the ability to drill within structures, enter limited access areas, drill on difficult slopes and within lakes or ponds. Our Mini rigs are 24” wide and mounted on tracks which make them ideal to go through doorways and tight openings.


Independent Drilling, Inc. has over the years demonstrated the ability to satisfy our clients when it comes to “Difficult Access” drilling. There is not a “Difficult Access” site that our drillers have not been able to drill.


Our professional drilling staff is dedicated to finding the best solutions for our client’s drilling projects.


In addition to being a drilling company, we also design and manufacture drilling rigs. Our basic BR2500 is equipped with the following: Perkins diesel motor, expandable tracks, two winches, 2L6 Moyno pump, cathead, expandable tower, and all hydraulic system. This rig can reach depths of 300 ft. for SPT borings. All custom built rigs can be fitted with tracks or mounted on a truck or ATV.

Our design team would be happy to demonstrate our ability to design or modify any drilling rig for your company. Please go to our contact page and fill out the information form or contact us directly by phone or email. All of our contact information is listed on the contact page.




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